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City of Portland, Bridgetown, Stumptown, City of Roses, Brewtown, Beertown. Whatever you call it, Portland is the largest city in Oregon and a wonderful place to live or visit.

Here are Stumptown Stories, we’ve love our city! To help share that with you, we have created this wiki to cover some of the unique and interesting features of Portland. Trivia, history and landmarks are all covered within.

Wow, you can really see this, right? Of course you can, duh. Okay hold on.

My name is Glitch. I’m a hacker with a bit of magic in my blood – I know, you probably think computers and magic don’t mix, but its just little magic – a glamour.

So I’ve glamoured the pages within so you can see my comments about this world. Why?! What a strange question – I mean you know magic exists right? I am here to give you the inside scoop on the wierd that is Portland.

So hold onto your brooms, witches, cause its gonna be a wild ride.

Game information – Stumptown Stories is a fictional game-version of Portland using the Dresden RPG system. The players are all contributors to the setting and have the ultimate authority over these pages. Please enjoy the wiki we wrote and bare with us as we keep updating this site.

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