The Hunger Games

Velma McCaffrey could smell a story happening. Reports of missing boaters, 6 in one week in the same small community. One hysterical witness even claimed a sea monster had attacked them. There was nothing to do but call in her friend and co-head of the local Paranet, Federal Marshal, Agent Windfinder.

Windfinder’s cellphone rang at quite possibly the worst moment. Unable to resist the opportunity, troublemaker and cousin of the Federal Marshall, John Buck answered. Windfinder’s shamanic ritual continued, blessing the new home and marriage of a young couple. It wasn’t until the car ride back to Portland, that John Buck finally confessed to Windfinder about the call. Immediately calling back, Windfinder agreed with Velma that this was a case for their new found troubleshooting task force. Windfinder gave a few instructions to Velma including to bring along their newest recruit prospect, Tena Gronkowskiy.

Troubled sleep gnawed at Tena all week. She kept having the same dreams – families on vacation or fishermen on the water being dragged under, then a sense of wrongness as they walked out of the water, a deadly gleaming in their eyes. Deeply disturbed by a bad dream of a young mother with dead eyes leading her small children back into a still lake with a certainty they were all to drown, Tena called Velma, hoping for an answer. Instead, she found her nightmares come to life as the computer whiz told Tena about the news from the Columbia Gorge

Converging on the scene, John, Velma, Tena and Windfinder started their investigation at the latest site of the disappearance, a lakeside campground that hauntingly reminded Tena of her last dream. She could almost make out the wet footprints the woman had left when she walked her children into the water.

Setting up their research in a local hotel, Velma and Windfinder started their search conventionally while Tena had a second dream, this time a fisherman boating being pulled into the water by a slimy looking tentacle. Soon, the group got another call from a new crime scene. This time, a fisherman’s boat was found, a man with a terrible wound to his lower leg had been recovered, his wife still missing from the boat. The victim was rushed to the hospital and the scene was thoroughly checked for clues.

Frustrated by the lack of success, Velma took Tena and John to a coffee shop for much needed caffeine fixes for all. While at the coffee shop, Tena overheard the coffee shop attendant gossiping about her “poor brother” and the “terrible bite he had on his leg.” Instincts kicking in, Tena asked for details on where this animal attack took place. Getting directions to a local swimming whole, the gang headed back to Windfinder who had a small success in finding some details on local legends of an ancient monster in the water.

(insert museum tour and meeting with Thunderbird here)

Heading down to the local swim=spot, the crew quickly found themselves under attack as Windfinder’s feet were pulled out from under her and she was pulled under water. The imminent death had a strange effect on Tena, who blossomed wings from her shoulders and felt herself fill with the Strength of Thor and the Speed of Freya, just in time for a strong, powerful opponent to lash out at her with a clawed and furred fist. John Buck also felt a strange sensation – heroism, diving into the murky water to find and rescue his cousin. Meanwhile, dry on the shoreline, Velma found herself facing off against a strange foe – human shaped, the creature had a sleek pelt of fur, two slits for a nose and a slightly snout-ish jaw. Not long enough to get more details, Velma’s attention was shifted to defense, as a ball of acid shot forth from her anthropomorphic assailant.

Blinded by a surge of light, John Buck still managed to find his cousin held in a wrestling match underwater, but though the Marshal was fighting desperately, the agent was suffering from lack of air. Finally winning free, the John dragged Windfinder to the surface, fighting free of the water and witnessing Velma’s returned fireblast hitting the furred mage full on in the arm, incinerating the limb instantly and causing the mage to flee. Tena also finished off her opponent, killing him with a brutal bash from her crowbar but instead of leaving the humanoid form, leaving the corpse of an Otter. Dragging Windfinder’s unresponsive body to the shore, the trio felt helpless trying to resuscitate the unconscious and unbreathing hero.

(Thunderbird’s resuscitation of windfinder, the preparations for the ceremony, attack of the monster)

The Hunger Games

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