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Travel and Portland

Travel is very important in Portland. Not only does Portland boast Oregon’s largest international airport, it is also has a shipyard and train freight yards that help move products all over the world.

Portland Airport – PDX

Portland International Airport features a full range of domestic and international flights and is also a busy community. There are plenty of hotels out by the airport, but for a more unique visit to our town, you can also find many highly rated hotels in our downtown district.

There is also a new shopping facility out by our airport with major store brands and some nice restaurants. Come to Portland for your next getaway.

Portland – The Veil is Thin Here

Ever wonder why so much weird crap happens in Portland? No really, I mean we always have a backup of traffic at rush-hour and it is never reported as an issue on traffic.com. Or have you ever noticed a feeling when you are walking down town or seen one of the homeless folks look at you or even call you by name? I have.

Its because there is this field that separates the other world from ours. People in the know call it the Veil and the other world is called the Nevernever like in the fairy tales. Over there you can find all sorts of beasts and creatures including the Summer Court and Winter Court. Well in a normal city, this barrier is extra thick and prevents things from just entering our world. The Veil Is Thin Here, in Portland.

Lots of strange things happen because the Veil is so thin, but probably the most important is the traveling – Portland represents a place where things that could normally not come through to the real world, can. The fairy courts seem to have taken an unusual interest in Portland as a result and I believe thanks to them, the traffic between their realm and ours is mostly limited. But that doesn’t prevent the odd trouble coming through every so often that needs some work to fix.

Setting Information – Status Quo

The Veil is Thin, Here
It Flows In and It Flows Out

These are two of Portland’s city Aspects. For more information on how they interplay, please go to the aspect page.

Game Info

Portland is a Travel Nexus
Keep Portland Weird

These are two of the Themes. For more information, please see the Themes page.

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