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Stumptown Stories – the Wiki

Portland is a dynamic city with some of the fastest growing “green-tech” industries. Our city is an International Travel Hub with travel by water, air, train and road even the from beyond the never never. Travel is very influential in building our great city and had a big impact on our history. Regardless of what you are looking for, It Flows In and It Flows Out of Portland. You should also know The Veil is Thin, Here. Don’t know what that means? Go to PDX Nexus and see what I wrote about it.

Its a city founded on traditions with a history of active citizens making it the state’s largest and most thriving metropolis. You just can’t escape your roots in Stumptown they say! And that’s a good thing if you look at our great history.

These guys are real nuts. You should check every link – I’ve added a bunch of information that will hopefully help.

Game note: Each of the bold sections above is a game aspect. For more information go to the Aspect page, or check out the links above.

Location, Location, Location

Portland is a beautiful and thriving city to live in or to visit. The town is divided into different locations by the rivers and by Burnside, one of the cities busiest streets.

In Southwest Portland you will find downtown with its big businesses and shopping areas along with Portland State University (go Vikings). There is this amazing quarterback there and I think he’s like us!

Northwest Portland is home to the swanky NW and Peal districts as well as the lively night club scene in Old Town-China Town. You will also find the massive Powell’s Bookstore, so big, a person can easily get lost in there – some would say for days. No kidding – this place actually has a hidden library repository like the Ivy, the Archive. You shouldn’t plan around here though, the spirit of the library is not like Ivy. She isn’t a repository for knowledge, she . . . well lets leave it at that, the less you know, the less danger you will be in.

North Portland is primarily residential, however there is a large shipping and industrial area in this region as well as Portland Meadows, a horse racing compound built over the remains of the flooded and dead town of Van Port. Danger, knowers! There is a Ghoul Gang out there with a serious hunkering for a bite of you.

In Northeast Portland, you will find the Airport and a number of industrial plants as well as the gateway to the eastern suburbs. There are a bunch of business fronts and warehouses out here. Even I haven’t hacked my way through here. be careful. Although I will say the airport is pretty safe and out of the way.

In Southeast Portland, you will find a maze of city residential areas mixed with burrows of different commercial districts. This is where you will find Reed College, home of the free-thinkers and radical activists that make Oregon famous. You will also find the base for the Summer Court in Portland. But don’t let them fool you – they are as vicious as their Winter Court cousins.


Portland is surrounded by some pretty large suburbs that make up the Portland Metro area. Just across the Washington boarder (the Columbia River) there is the city of Vancouver, Washington (not to be confused with Vancouver, British Columbia). Haven’t seen much activity up there, but maybe its too quiet. Why would there be nothing reported? I should look into this. You may also want to find our technological industries just to the west in Beaverton and Hillsboro

South of Portland you will find the cities of Tigard, Tualitin, Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Clackamas, Wilsonville and McMinneville and to the east you can find Gresham Gresham isn’t very popular – I’m not going to spoil your opinion by explaining why. You should really see for yourself.


Police in Portland are working hard to keep the streets clean. Still and undesirable element is bound to show up in any city. Gone are the days of mob bosses controlling union interests with politicians and police forces in their pocketbooks. Right . . . You don’t need magical knowledge or hacking skills to know this is a crock of bull. Maybe it isn’t as overt, but the corruption runs as deep as the rivers here.

That isn’t to say Portland doesn’t have its crime, we just like to think of the crime we have as “fun”. There is a generous helping of illegal gambling houses hidden in underground arenas and backrooms mixed with the largest number of porn stores per capita of any west coast city. Portland has a long history of illegal sex trade, but the streets have been cleaned up. Then why are the Skavis and Raith families of the White Court holding the gambling houses, smut houses and prostitution markets with single handed strength?

Trivia and Sites of Interest:

You really should check out a few other facts about Portland if you are planning a visit:
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History of Portland I’ll try to include as much magical history as I can, but I am not sure my sources are thorough here.
Bridges of Portland Did I mention that troll bridges are real? yes, and we are like the breeding ground for young trolls.
Lan Su Yuan Garden – a beautiful and authentic Chinese garden My Mojo alert says serious bad mojo has happened here recently.
McMenamin’s Brewpubs – located all over Portland in Historic buildings Neutral Ground – that is right, you will be able to meet here in peace in compliance with the Accords. This is about the only place in Portland for the magically inclined to meet.
Pittock Mansion No news here, although I heard it might be haunted.
PDX universities I have a little to say about Reed College, but you want to hear some weird, you should see what I write about University of Portland!

Game Note – it was the decision of the current GM for the game to outline the system this way. He felt it was important to provide the feeling of the magical world layered on the real world.

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