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Portland Aspects

The Veil is Thin, Here
It Flows In and It Flows Out

These are two of Portland’s city Aspects. The supernatural status quo is that these two aspects remain true which is upheld by half of the supernatural community and the half of the criminal community that is in the know. Specifically, the Raith family (white court vampire faction) and the Summer Court would like to see this continued as it expands their influence. The movement also helps the criminal elements of Portland run their businesses and launder money.

The Skavis family (another white court vampire faction) and the Winter Court are working hard to oppose this. Both seek to spread despair and entropy into the city and the flowing aspect of Portland impedes their goals. Every day nearing dusk, the Winter Court fae become extra active, their Trolls attacking the bridges of Portland.

One or more of these aspects could be used by a player to suggest that a traveler with a specific service, skill or knowledge has arrived just recently. A villainous NPC might use it to boost their illicit shipping businesses or to secret people into the country/plane of existence that shouldn’t be here.

Both of these Aspects represent Themes for the campaign. For more information, please visit the Themes page.

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